2K Goat Grinders LLC was founded by top players in the community in 2K17 to help other players succeed in NBA 2K and also award other top players for helping!
Since then, we have developed a reputation as the most legitimate and fastest service for all of your MyPLAYER needs. We will grind anything for you! We do badges, attributes, hot zones, rep, and more! We have done orders for pro NFL players & popular people in the community like:
Not only that, we are sponsored by some of the most well known and renowned teams, Throwdown and Witness Gaming.
If you want to look at all of the reviews we have gotten, just check out our twitter @GoatGrinders2K!
For more information on how our system works, check out our How It Works Page!
If you are interested in becoming a Goat Grinder, feel free to DM our twitter @GoatGrinders2K, and we can provide you with an application!